Exhaust Silencers

Spectre Solutions offers a complete product offering of specialty designed exhaust silencers and accessories, serving the Oil & Gas Industry, Power Generations, Blower, and many industrial markets.

Spectre Solutions offers standard solutions, as well as many custom designed products to meet several specialty requirements due to Noise, Emissions, Caustic Environments, Wind Loads, Low Back Pressure Situations, etc.

Standard Products Include:

  • Spectre Series Silencers, Standard Cylindrical, Space Saver/Low Profile, Hockey Puck, etc.
  • Spectre Extreme Series Silencers (based on legislative requirements and Dynamic Insertion Loss).
  • Insulation Blankets and Exhaust/Pipe Cladding
  • Flex Connectors, Bellows, Rain Caps, Vibration Isolators, Exhaust Stacks, Silencer Stands and Mounting Bands.
  • Onsite Installation and Commissioning.
  • Large BASE mounted silencers designed for specific snow and wind loads.
  • Catalytic Silencers and Convertors.