Spectre Solutions Mining Team specializes in design, engineering, and construction of:

  • Facilities & Camps
  • Produced Water Solutions


Whether you are looking to purchase, rent, or lease a structure, Spectre has a solution that fits the demanding conditions presented by Mining and the often remote and harsh environments many Mines operate in.

Facilities often provided for the Mining Industry include:

  • Employee and Contractor Accomodations
  • Employee Recreation Facilities
  • Emergenecy Vehicle & Maintenance Facilities
  • Construction Equipment Facilities
  • Product Storage Facilities

Water & Waste Treatment

Spectre Solutions has standard and custom engineered product modules that can be paired together to treat a wide variety produced water and waste from the mining process.  Spectre Solutions products can treat produced water to the point of being able to re-use the water, producing up to 98.7% reusable water.


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