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Spectre Solutions provides planning, design, engineering, construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance in the area of Global Power Generation.  We have facilities operating or in process globally, including such countries as: Canada, The United States, Peru, Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Suadi Arabia, Yemen, and Libya.

We specialize in large Combined and Simple Cycle Facilities, from 5MW to 2000MW facilities. We have access to a large variety of new and used equipment, and specialize in deployment of New and Refurbished equipment, as well as optimizing and conversion of older facilities.

We also offer a variety of smaller size reciprocating power generation equipment from 100KW to 3MW Diesel and Natural Gas Prime and Standby Generators.

In addition to our design, engineering, and construction services, Spectre can provide the following services:

  • Natural Gas Engine Test Bay with Load Bank.
  • Field Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance Services globally
  • Rental, Lease and Stock Units
  • Rental Load Banks.
  • Custom Unit Enclosures
  • Emergency Rental Deliveries
  • Distribution & Transmission Systems

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